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Providing services to my clients is not just about giving satisfaction but about ensuring standards in services. Happy customers are the best looking customers, my simple and honest tenets of doing business and something that I firmly stand by at all times. 

Tea Layout



My tea business is one of the most unique ventures that I entrusted myself with, introducing my very own tea blend brand was innovative in every way imagined. I am an ardent coffee enthusiast and doing anything around tea was an unimaginable dream for many including me. But being a teapreneur is something that taught me how independently confident and capable I am of so many things.

Solo Trip



Travelling is my passion and I have always experienced travelling in the most unconventional way, which I feel has to change. I believe travel is a most indigenous and soulful experience that deserves not to be entitled to the hustle and bustle of the pre-requited travel format, but to be experienced for the beauty of travelling to an unknown land and creating the most nostalgic memories. I started my company with an expectation to curate a travelling experience that is personalised to fit your occasion of celebrating.


House of Spices


I am a firm believer of organic and chemical free food products. In Spices industry their is too much of adultration, its mixes with colour and other kind of health damaging powders. So I have collaborated with like minded people to bring you the best of spices which brings you the range products in most its purest form, so you can consume it in the way nature wants you to consume it.

Solo Trip

TIK Onboard

TIK onboard1.png

Options are good but too many options are damaging. This is what is happening in e-commerce segment. There are too many platforms to list your products on and each platform is different so hustle to get listed on one platform is different from other. So, I have launched  an initiative 'TIK Onboard', here I will help existing and upcoming D2C companies to select and get listed on e-commerce platforms which can contribute most in growth of the company and bring more sales.

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