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Shalini this side!

The world is a beautiful place with all good and not so good things, it's all about one thing, your way of looking at it. It is very important for me to have a rational action plan as I explore life, even when I have no idea what to do. To keep moving forward and to do things beyond expected proportion is what I have been living my life for and making the most of it. When I dedicated myself to being an entrepreneur I wasn't sure what I could do but then there has to be something that doesn't limit the aura of the gauge to a limited horizon.

Stretching my boundaries is not always the goal but why settle for anything less when you are capable of endless things. I feel the passion of accomplishment in my job be it any and never have I ever restricted myself to the eccentricities of life, variety is something that offers you exposure and experience of versatility.

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My Journey

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Toddler to Teen

I come from a small city called Ranchi, with just fine means of living, more than that my parents provided me with everything more than materialistic things they provided me with values and a unique sense of understanding to live life.

Teen to Adult

From school till college, I've learned a lesson: life is only complicated by how much you want to make it, or how you look at things. Who doesn’t have problems, the more important concern is, how you deal with them.

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Adult to Professional

With my eyes full of dreams, I left my home to join college. After completing my post graduation, I was fortunate enough to geta chance to work with organisation like Coke. I turned my experience and knowledge I got there to the foundation stone of my Entrepreneurial Journey.

Finally an Enterpreneur

I took a small break from my job to handle my personal life and kids. Once I was ready to go back to the corporate world, I chose to start with my own travel initiative. While doing that I realised there are a lot of coffee places but people do struggle with finding good Teas, and that's how I started The Infused Kettle.

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